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New York Archives Week 2023: Patient Perspectives and "Anti-Psychiatry": From Sentiments to Movements

  • Wednesday, October 11, 2023
  • Wednesday, October 18, 2023
  • Virtual Exhibition (See Event for Details)

A poster featuring a doctor holding a needle. Behind him is a man holding money. Below him is a group of protestors. The text of the poster reads "To hell with their profits. Stop forced drugging of psychiatric inmates!"

Photo courtesy of the Oskar Diethelm Library, Weill Cornell Medical College

Repository: Oskar Diethelm Library, Weill Cornell Medical College

Event Title: Patient Perspectives and "Anti-Psychiatry": From Sentiments to Movements

Event Type: Virtual Exhibition

Event Location: Online

Event Date: October 11th — October 18th, 2023

Viewed comprehensively as both an intellectual commentary on mainstream psychiatry and a flurry of real-world organizing against established norms and institutions, anti-psychiatry was nonetheless impactful. The assertions of its founding thinkers constituted a scholarly shake up; and, actors in liberatory movements adapted its principles to suit their own agendas both within and beyond psychiatry. This exhibit draws upon resources from the Oskar Diethelm Library. Largely focused on North America, it explores patient voices in the collection, as well as anti-psychiatry’s origins and 20th century expressions.

View the exhibition here: https://oskardiethelm.omeka.net/exhibits/show/patient-perspectives-and--anti/introduction

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