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Call for Papers: Rebellion in the Archives!

2019 New York Archives Week Symposium

"A little rebellion now and then is a good thing," Thomas Jefferson famously wrote in 1787. If that is the case, archival collections are full of good things, since rebellions —big and small, violent and peaceful appear throughout history regularly. But how do we deal with records of insurrection? Do we need to account for cultural perspectives? Is my "terrorist" your "freedom fighter"?

Consider also the professional side: Do archivists sometimes need to step out of accepted practice? When is such behavior justified? Is occasional rebellion in the archival world as necessary "as storms in the physical" (as Thomas Jefferson said of rebellion in the political world)?

During the October 2019 New York Archives Week Symposium, the New York Archivists Roundtable will consider, celebrate, and critique rebellion. Please submit your papers about sedition, defiance and mutiny —historical, personal, professional— as we try to ascertain when it is right to revolt, and when it is not.

Call for papers deadline: March 1, 2019

Please submit your fewer-than-300-word proposals to: education@nycarchivists.org

Symposium Date: October 2019

Location: New York City

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