Judicial Records Forum

@archvistsRT  #JRF

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Fordham Law School, James McNally Amphitheatre
140 West 62nd Street

New York, NY 10023




2014-06-04_Judicial Records Forum Final Presentation.pdf

Panel One:

Dixon_2013_Information Technology Disaster Recovery Planning for Court Institutions.pdf
Hawaii Court Records Rules_2010_HCRR.pdf
Michels_2014_Can Open Source Transform Democracy.pdf
NAGARA Judicial Records Spreadsheet_V6-1.pdf

Panel Two:
Baron-Attfiel_Where Light In Darkness Lies.pdf
Barron_2014_Letter Tied to Fight for Independence Is Found in Museum Attic.pdf
DigitalOK_Continuity of Digital Assets CHECKLIST_Feb2013-2.pdf
DigitalOK_DigitalContinuityHandout_NAGARA Judicial Records Forum-1.pdf
Dixon_2013_Information Technology Disaster Recovery Planning for Court Institutions.pdf
Dollar-Ashley_2013_DPCMM White Paper_NAGARA Digital Judicial Records_8Feb2013-1.pdf
Hawaii Court Records Rules_2010_HCRR-4.pdf
Michels_2014_Can Open Source Transform Democracy.pdf

Panel Three:
Arizona_2012_Petition to Amend the Rules.pdf
Carlson-Steketee_2005_Public Access to Court Records.pdf
Criminal Resource Manual 25 28 C.F.R. 50-1.pdf
Delaware_2012_Guidelines for Use of Laptops by the Media .pdf
FCC_2012_Second Protective Order MetroPCS-1.pdf
Hawaii Court Records Rules_2012_HCRR-5.pdf
Montana Order_2010_AF 06-0377-1.pdf
NAGARA Judicial Records Spreadsheet_V6-2.pdf
Sedona-Conference_2014_WG2 Sedona Confidentiality April 2014.pdf
Stashenko_2013_Court Expands Access to Records in Database.pdf
SunshineInGovernment_2012_FOIA Online Goes Live.pdf
Third-Branch-News_2013_Access to Court Opinions Expands-1.pdf

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