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Call for Submissions

We are currently accepting submissions for our Winter 2015 issue. The deadline is Tuesday, December 15, 2015. Please see our online submission form for more information.

Each issue of the Metropolitan Archivist is comprised of the following sections:

A.R.T. News

A.R.T. News welcomes submissions regarding recently opened collections, acquired grants, surveys of collections for special projects, professional achievements and milestones, and any other current topics of interest to archivists and informational professionals. Photographs and other images are highly encouraged. Submissions should be no longer than 250 words. Comments, questions, and ideas for news items may be directed to Haley Richardson, A.R.T. News Editor.

Feature Articles

Preferred length of submissions is 800-1,000 words. One to three images per article is recommended. Accompanying images should include full caption and credit information. Comments, questions, or future story ideas should be directed to the Editor.

Exhibition Reviews

The writer of the exhibition review visits recent exhibitions that display and interpret archives, providing observations and commentary. Accompanying images of the exhibition are recommended, as well as any related brochures or other illustrative photographs. These reviews should be 500-800 words. Questions regarding this section, as well as ideas for exhibitions to review, may be sent to the Editor.

Repository Profiles

The repository profiles focus on a specific archives, providing information on mission, personnel, collections, programs, and what is unique, distinctive, and noteworthy about the institution. Communicating with the archives staff is recommended. Photographs of the interior, exterior, and highlights from the collection are encouraged. These profiles should be 500-800 words. Questions regarding this section, as well as suggestions for repositories to review, may be sent to the Editor.

Submissions for this section include interviews with working archivists in the field and other local information professionals. Submissions should be around 800-1,000 words. For more information, or to suggest interview candidates, please contact Ellen Mehling, Interviews Section Editor.

"Reaching Out"

The "Reaching Out" section examines outreach efforts of archivists as well as emerging trends in the archival field. Articles should not exceed 500 words in length. Recommendations for topics and any questions may be directed to the Editor.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews should be around 400-500 words in length. Reviews should be a critique of the work and provide readers with information as to whether the title is something they would invest in. Reviewers can also select titles of professional interest. Those who are interested in contributing a book review or have recommendations for titles may contact Lindsey Wyckoff, Book Reviews Editor.

Citing Collections

This section provides a listing of recent publications (academic articles, books) that have utilized & highlighted collections from A.R.T. members' repositories.The objective of this section is to raise awareness of authors and scholars who have researched, and included, archival collections from A.R.T. repositories in their publications. Please send us the title of publication, publisher, and name of the repository, including what collections are referenced (if possible). A thumbnail image of the cover of the publication, if applicable, is also requested. Comments and questions about this section may be directed to the Editor.

Submissions Guidelines

Articles and submissions will be subject to review by the Editors for grammar and syntax. Some articles may be edited for length. If substantive changes are made, the article will be returned to the author for review before publishing. General inquiries can be made to the Editor.

Permission to use images online will be required for contributors. If you have images to submit with your article, first advise your organization that the Metropolitan Archivist is an online publication before submitting any images. Then complete, review, and sign the Permission to Publish Images Form. Please send the completed form to

The Metropolitan Archivist staff is extremely grateful to those who send us contributions for each issue.
We appreciate this show of support for ART, our members, and the metropolitan New York
archives community. Thank you!

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